Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Online Giving


Enabling your church members to pay their tithes and offerings online.

More and more people are using the Internet to pay bills, manage their finances, and make donations. Now your church has the ability to accept online donations through a new giving platform from the North American Division called AdventistGiving. This Web module enables your church members to return their tithes and offerings online.

For netAdventist websites

For AdventistChurchConnect websites

1. How to make AdventistGiving available on your netAdventist Web site:

To enable the AdventistGiving module on your Web site, you must first set-up an account with AdventistGiving. The approval process takes two to six weeks and involves approval from your local conference. There is no cost to set-up an account or monthly fees to pay.

All donations made on your church’s Web site will be deposited each month directly into a bank account designated by your treasurer. Your treasurer will also receive a printout each month that outlines each donor’s distribution desires. Your church will then be responsible for receipting the donations.

The AdventistGiving system is modeled after the Personal Giving Plan and keyed off the tithe envelope. It offers drop-down selections of more than 900 codes under the major category headings, Local Church, Local Conference, and World Budget. Your treasurer can also add offerings specific to your church.

To sign-up for the AdventistGiving module, send an email to For more information about AdventistGiving, visit their Web site at

2. How to integrate AdventistGiving into your netAdventist Web site:

Once you have registered for an account with AdventistGiving and received your personal link, you can integrate AdventistGiving into your netAdventist Web site either through the main menu or through an iFrame.

a. Linking AdventistGiving in your main menu:

To place your AdventistGiving module link into your main menu, follow these steps:

  • Click Layout Control.
  • Click Menu Manager.
  • Then click on “Main Menu” under Menu Name to add your link to your main menu.
  • Click on Click to choose plugin.
  • Scroll down to Site Tools.
  • Click on Custom URLs.
  • Then click Add New Custom URL.
  • Here you will want to copy the personal link provided by AdventistGiving into the URL field. Give your link a name in the Title field, such as “eDonations,” “Tithe Online,” or “AdventistGiving.” You can also choose Member as your access level here to add an additional layer of security so only church members can view it.
  • Click Add and then click Save at the bottom of the Menu Name screen.

b. Embedding AdventistGiving into your Web site with an iFrame:

To embed your AdventistGiving module link as an iFrame, follow these steps:

  • Click MyContent.
  • Click Static Content.
  • Click Add Static Content.
  • Click Source.
  • Copy and paste this html code into Source box: <iframe width="100%" height="650" src ="http://your web"></iframe>.
  • Copy and paste the AdventistGiving personal Web link between the quotation marks, over http://web address goes
  • Click Save Static Content.

3. How to Make AdventistGiving available on your AdventistChurchConnect website.

  • Click on the link to find your local church’s website, and then look for the Online Giving link to connect to AdventistGiving.